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Providing sales, service and repair solutions to keep your customers mobile, that is what you and your people have prooved to be good at. As a proud founder and owner of U-Nomia I'm confident I can help you to even improve the services you supply to your customers. Why?

As an automotive engineer, I have fitted myself into many different roles. In the early days I was a tyre-fitter in a tyre service center for cars and trucks. Service advisor, workshop controller, leasing contract manager, parts service network manager can also be found on my experience list. More recently I mastered account management for a training company.

As a last stage I served a major consulting company as senior automotive project manager, consultant & auditor for more than 12 years. 

Based on this firm experience I built U-Nomia.

It gives me the possibility to support you with
tailor-made solutions to enhance your business.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you soon.


Arwin van Herel

Entrepreneur, founder and proud owner

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Our Vision 

"U-Nomia, what's in the name?", people ask.

Well, it is not only our name, it represents our vision. U-Nomia is derived from the name Eunomia (correct spelling in Greek Εὐνομία; and pronounced as"ewnomia").

In Greek mythology Eunomia is one of the daughters of Zeus and Themis and she is the Goddess associated law and order.


Transferred to this day and age, Eunomia represents: 


'good management, order and correct & rightful handling' 


These are the core values that U-Nomia stands for.

We support you with services & solutions that suite your requirements, manage them correctly, rightful in a transparent way.


U-Nomia Automotive Solutions, you can count on us.

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