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Nos partenaires

Comme nous savons tous, vous n'êtes jamais seul sur le marché. U-Nomia suit le marché et établit de bonnes et solides relations avec des partenaires solides et de haute qualité. L'objectif est de toujours proposer les meilleures solutions possibles disponibles sur le marché.


Claim Management Services
Focus on your customers, we will focus on your claim management.

With our partner Mersus, we can support you in doing the claim process from start to end so your people can do what they are good at, creating loyal customers to your business. 


Business process Optimization

Sales- and aftersales-processes in a car and truck business are very complex. The need to plan your after sales activity and constantly monitor it is vital to your business performance. Implementation of management by KPI's helps a lot in seeing things more clear but happens when you realize these KPI's do not follow you expectations?
In this module we offer you a systematic approach to analyse your business performance, identify your bottlenecks and find solutions to improve.


Business Consulting

To complete the U-Nomia service offering we collaborate with Streamline Consulting, your partner to streamline your customer journey processes for sales and after sales. Please visit:

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